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This control template was made to mimic Microsot Commun control version 4.70

How it works

This is how its works,.

Changes History

Well, finnally I'd made the calendar control in template...
I don't looked all the feactures of MS calendar, til' some months ago,
when for the first time, I saw what the MS calendar does:

1. Can change the defaut BLUE NAVY color, to any color you want (as programmer)!.
2. Can RIGHT-CLICK select for the MONTH y ya right-clik on the month's label.
3. You can type the YEAR, if ya click on YEAR label (turns into a SPINBOX).
4. You can position the calendar any place on Screen (as programmer).

So I'll implemente these feactures in the next (hope final) release of
Time ago, I was converting a DOS aplication into Windows Aplication for a friend of mine.
Everything was perfect, until he told me, he wanna run the application in him laptop (compaq running windows 3.1). The programa couldn' copile the MScalendar 32 Calling. So I need to make my own calendar -compatible 100% 16&32 bits and Only Clarion coding-.

It's was easy to do!.

... Time pases...


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