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Personal Templates set!

This templates set was original made for my personal use. I'd spend several weeks coding those templates in Clarion Metalanguage, hoping that some day it will save me a lot of time in the future projects and they will make the programs looks a little bit Pro for the end users. I'll be glad if ya save some minutes of coding too.

So every template you'll get in this place, is intended for ABC template chain. But it's easy to convert to Legacy chain, if ya got a little knowledge of template coding!

About Clarion's Templates

I come to clarion language from my beloved assembler. It's was really hard to Mario, a friend of me, to hook me up in clarion world. Back in 1998 I was looking for a HLL to make some databases relative application; In that time I tried Visual Basic 5, Delphi 4 and finally I get a Visual Studio 6.0 licence, to begin to work in MS Visual C++ 6.0. I'd choose C++ because it was similar to Assembler, libraries, flexibility to make dll, exe, lib, ocx, etc, etc...

... Till' I saw an application made with clarion; the examples was really full functional applications!. I could not belive that an RAD with so "ugly" IDE make a that kind of Database app's.

So I give it a try... and begins with a small application, using the ABC templates (Mario use to program in Legacy templates), after a year Clarion was my first HLL, almost all the application I 'd done, they was done in clarion. Then I force to my friend to switch from legacy to ABC.

In general, Clarions Metalanguage is the reason why I actually coding in Clarion. Is something like Assembler Macros at very High level. More power full than any OCX . In fact, the code generated by templates is really Clean and Self-Error Free.

From Softvelocity web page "Clarion employs breakthrough, template driven technology to create sophisticated database-driven applications. Clarion is designed to help developers ensure standards, reduce coding time, eliminate errors, and bring their projects to completion in record time. "

Clarion Ring


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