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A+Finger Dll Library Description


  • A+Finger is a simple, small and powerfull wrapper library for the GrFinger Finger Print Library intended to let an aplication made with Clarion use the GrFinger.dll library.

    Key Features

  • Small file size: 8KB.
  • Reduced GrFinger API to only 5 function.
  • Override the Clarion Thread raw call trouble.
  • A+Finger Current status is Final Release: I'll write the API doc. as soon as I've got time!.
  • This library is Free!. But please consider making a small donation to the Tip Jar.

    GrFinger Supported Devices

  • Driver-less Microsoft Fingerprint reader, Digital Persona 4000/4000B, Bio-I Cyte, Biotouch / Futronic FS80, M2SYS M2-S support: you don't need the manufacturer's driver or SDK (API). GrFinger SDK comes with its own driver for these readers.
  • The Crossmatch V250/V300/V300 LC/V300 LC2/V500 fingerprint reader.
  • The SecuGen Hamster FDU02 fingerprint reader.
  • The Certis Image Orcanthus fingerprint reader.
  • The Nitgen Hamster I fingerprint reader.
  • The Nitgen Hamster II fingerprint reader.
  • Secugen Hamster III fingerprint reader.
  • If you can get the fingerprint image from any finger print reader you can pass the image to the GrFinger and get it work with it!.


GrFinger.dll and A+Finger.dll ScreenShot Sample.

A Real Application ScreenShot made with GrFinger.dll and A+Finger.dll.

Products History

A+finger.dll Update October 23, version 1.2007.10.23
A+finger.dll Final Release on March 30, version 1.2007.03.30
A+finger.dll Release on March 5, version 1.2007.03.05.


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