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This little utility is a one shot program execute at given intervals of time.

How it works

This is how its works,.

Changes History


We 6 April 2005, 15:04 (ver 1.2005.4.6)
Added Shedule.log File: write down the timestamp and file executed by Shellexecute.
Schedule.log is ubicated on the same place than the Schedule.exe

Saturday 5 July 2003, 14:00 (Build 557)
Solved W2K/XP issues ( Finally I do swap NT 4.0 to W2K):
When the program is first open and has NOT saved the options, Open multiples Intances of Explorer. Fixed!.



Monday 4 November 2002, 10:45

Schedule Module Version 1.0

Schedule Module was designed to run with very low demand on system resources
and hardware. It has been tested on a 1Ghz Atlon running win NT 4 Sp6a and
it runs with no problems at all.

The EXE files are free standing 32 bit portable executable files
that do not need any runtime DLLs to work correctly. You do not have to
download other files for Schedule Module to work properly.

Safe Installation
The Program supplied in this package do NOT write to the operating
system or replace any component of the operating system, but its own INI File.

About Hidden Working
If The Schedule is marked to Hide when working, pressing default HOTKEY:
CTRL+ALT+S will show the Window.
If More than one instance is running, ONLY the firts istance will responde
to the HOTKEY; Until the first Instance is Close, the HOTKEY will be assigned
to the Second Instance, and so on.

To change the key, it MUST be added an entry on the INI File:


The example above will set the Program HOTKEY to CTRL+ALT+P

About Schedule.log
Value Meaning
0 The operating system is out of memory or resources.
2 (ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND) The specified file was not found.
2 (SE_ERR_FNF) The specified file was not found.
3 (ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND) The specified path was not found.
3 (SE_ERR_PNF) The specified path was not found.
5 (SE_ERR_ACCESSDENIED) The operating system denied access to the specified file.
8 (SE_ERR_OOM) There was not enough memory to complete the operation.
11 (ERROR_BAD_FORMAT) The .EXE file is invalid (non-Win32 .EXE or error in .EXE image).
26 (SE_ERR_SHARE) A sharing violation occurred.
27 (SE_ERR_ASSOCINCOMPLETE) The filename association is incomplete or invalid.
28 (SE_ERR_DDETIMEOUT) The DDE transaction could not be completed because the request timed out.
29 (SE_ERR_DDEFAIL) The DDE transaction failed.
30 (SE_ERR_DDEBUSY) The DDE transaction could not be completed because other DDE transactions were being processed.
32 (SE_ERR_DLLNOTFOUND) The specified dynamic-link library was not found.
31 (SE_ERR_NOASSOC) There is no application associated with the given filename extension.
33 succeeds (No error happen)

To Do:
-Tab changing in Main Window is not Working.
-Weekly RadioButtons, on Setup Windows, needs some enligthment.
-Make Help File
-Make Add Ons
-Drink more Tequila next weekend!


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