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Timelapse Screen Recorder, ScreenShot with Cursor and ScreenShots on each mouse click

How it works

For documentation and Step by Step tutorials:
If you want to have a screnshot for every mouse click and dont want to press a capture hot key,
i.e. just click on the screen to create the next (autosaved) jpg Screen Capture...
This is the percfect tool for You.
I made this tool for taking New Customer Requirements:
by just coping the captura+.exe in customer's PC and record the talk session with my cell,
and asking the customer to press PRINTSCREEN meanwhile he explains
what he does in Excel to control their stuff, so I can have the screenshots for later review.

Changes History

Windows Capture Utility latest version 1.2019.10.04 CapturA+
Windows Capture Utility final release 1.2010.5.07 CapturA+ Old


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